Work With Me


Who Am I?


I’m Nicoline – a writer, photographer and adventurer.

Travel is my greatest passion and I’m always chasing the next adventure to see the world and tell stories, be more open-minded and achieve serenity.

Through honest words and compelling photos, I want to inspire people to explore the world in an adventurous way and to travel more and travel better.

Since launching in January 2019, The Serenity Journal has enjoyed consistent progress, a growing following of engaged adventure-seekers and travel-minded people and become a small but trusted voice in the big travel community.



Why Partner With Me?


Travel is no longer what it once was. People back in the day used traditional media and guidebooks as their way to seek travel information, but today especially the younger generation search for authentic and personal travel stories from people they can relate to.

I create informative and relatable travel content that caters to travel-minded people who enjoy discovering the alternative side of a well explored urban destination, those who love being in awe with nature and other adventurous roamers and seekers.

I aim to turn every product and place into an honest and engaging experience that my readers can enjoy.

If you want to be a part of that, then let’s talk about collaborating!



How We Can Work Together



With a master’s degree in journalism, I know how to write well. I write blog posts, travel reports and guides for different destinations. Do you want me to write for you? I can both create fresh content or rewrite existing articles.



Looking for compelling photos for your website, social media or campaign? Photos are an important way of communicating, and maybe my photos are what you’re looking for? I can shoot for different purposes or you can purchase some of my existing travel photos.


work-with-me-bubble-icon-travelSocial media campaigns

From photos and videos to Instagram takeovers, I can draw attention to your brand and give you the right kind of exposure. Through engaging and high-quality content, you can tap into my social media network and potentially reach out to thousands of like-minded people.


work-with-me-suitcase-icon-travelPress trips

Put me on a plane and take me with you! I will create compelling and engaging content on various channels throughout the trip that can convince readers that your destination is where they should go next.


work-with-me-computer-icon-travelSponsored content

Want to promote your product or experience? I can write posts that give exposure to your brand and fit with my style of writing. The article would be featured on my homepage for a period of time and be promoted across all my social media.


work-with-me-star-icon-travelBrand ambassadorships

I’m a loyal customer and I tend to stick to products I love for the long haul. I’m very interested in working closely with brands to develop long-term partnerships for products I really believe in and are proud to recommend to my readers. Think that could be you and your brand?


If there are other ways you would like to collaborate that aren’t listed above, let me know and we can probably figure something out!



My Audience



13 % – 18-24
54 % – 25-34
24 % – 35-44


76 % – Female
24 % – Male


35 % – Denmark
14 % – USA
10 % – Australia



Get in Touch!


I would love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to contact me on or use the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

A complete media kit is available upon request.