September plans and expectations

I know that it’s a total cliche, but I can’t believe how time flies. I came back to Denmark on 1 June and had the whole summer in front of me. I knew that June, July and August would go fast, but not this fast. Spring and summer have always been my favourite seasons, and now we’re approaching autumn and thereafter winter. I honestly don’t know how I feel about that…

As I wrote about in my August plans and expectations post, I wanted to focus last month on falling in love with Denmark again and being happy being at home, as it has been extremely hard for me to adjust after 1,5 years of living in Australia. I wanted to take things slowly and do things that I love. I’m so happy and relieved to tell you that it’s been a great success – even though I didn’t manage to tick off everything from my list. It feels good to approach autumn with a bright mind and with a bunch of nice things to look forward to during the next 30 days. These are my September plans and expectations.

In September I want to:

•  Become a vegetarian for two weeks (and maybe longer).
•  Become better at working at cafés and coffee shops instead of sitting at home.
•  Focus on getting a better work/life balance, as I would love to become more time efficient.
•  Go to the movies and watch On Chesil Beach.
•  Plan a solo trip and go to the Faroe Islands for five days at the middle of September.
•  Spend a lot of time hiking, exploring and taking photos of incredible Faroese sceneries.
•  Spend a weekend road tripping in Denmark.
•  Start using Instagram Stories more consistently.
•  Visit the Botanical Garden on a cold and rainy autumn day.
•  Watch the exhibition The Moon at Louisiana, my favourite Danish museum.

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