August plans and expectations

August plans and expectations

Two month ago I went back to Denmark after 1,5 years living in Australia. Before my homecoming, I was a scared of how I would react to being back home and despite trying my best to prepare myself, coming home hasn’t been easy. I’ve loved seeing my Danish friends and family, having my own apartment again, riding my bike all over Copenhagen and coming back to summer. But I don’t feel like Denmark has truly become my home again yet, and it’s weird to feel that you don’t really belong in your own country. I’m sure I ain’t the only one who feels this way after spending some time abroad, and I would love to elaborate on it in another post.

In August I will try my best to fall in love with my own country again and to adjust completely. I will focus on during things that make me happy and do things in my own pace. In addition, I want to take advantage of the great weather that we’re hopefully going to continue having here during the last month of summer and spend as much time as possible outside. These are my August plans and expectations.

In August I want to:

•  Buy fresh flowers once a week.
•  Enjoy a drink and a proper seafood meal at Fiskebaren that is one of my favourite Copenhagen restaurants.
•  Get into a good workout routine.
•  Go to Dragør and explore the charming streets of the Old Town.
•  Have a party during the colourful Copenhagen Pride parade 19 August.
•  Read the classic Fall of Giants by Ken Follett.
•  Send my first newsletter that you can sign up for here.
•  Spend a day at Møns Klint and take lots of photos of the beautiful white cliff.
•  Start planning my trip back to Australia for my graduation in November.
•  Visit the food market Reffen located on Refshaleøen.

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August plans and expectations

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