5 great autumn destinations


When it starts getting colder and darker and you realise that summer is over and it might going to take several months before the sun appears again (at least that’s the reality here in Denmark), the only way to deal with it is to go travelling. Fall is the perfect season for a getaway either to extend the summer, to better cope with winter, because it’s cheaper or because the conditions for visiting the specific destination are ideal. In this post, I share five great autumn destinations.


Borneo, Malaysia

The Malaysian part of Borneo should be on everyone’s bucket list. And a great time to go is in the shoulder season of September and October after the high season has peaked during summer and before the wet season starts in November. The average temperature on Borneo is between 27-32 degrees all year round.

Malaysian Borneo has so much to offer that varies from mountain climbing and rainforest exploration to animal encountering and relaxation. On Borneo, you find several species that can’t be found many other places in the world. These include orangutans, proboscis monkeys, pygmy elephants and Sumatran rhinos that you should definitely be looking for during your time on Borneo.

Read more about Borneo here.


Chobe National Park, Botswana

One of my absolute best travel experiences has been seeing hundreds of elephants in Chobe National Park in Botswana. More than 120.000 elephants live in the 11.700 km² large national park, making it almost impossible not to encounter any. In a day, we might have seen 500 elephants and several other game animals, which was absolutely magical and something I believe everyone should experience one day.

During autumn it’s dry season in Botswana and most animals stick around the rivers and ponds, offering ideal conditions for encountering lots of animals. In addition, the temperature in September, October and November is nice and varies between 22-26 degrees on average.


Lisbon, Portugal

I love Lisbon and a great time to visit the Portuguese capital is during early autumn where the temperatures are between 20-23 degrees and ideal for a city break.

Lisbon is an interesting city with lots to offer. Walk around in the charming streets of Baixa, Bairro Alto and Alfama, ride the old tram, experience historic sights, take a trip to Sintra and not least indulge in delicious Portuguese specialties including bacalhau, the world famous custard pies from Pasteis de Belem and of course port.


New York City, USA

Besides Copenhagen and Sydney, New York City is one of my absolute favourite cities. I go as often as possible, and I’ve experienced that my favourite time to visit the American metropolis is in September/October. During these two months, the weather is mild and with its many parks and green areas, the “Big Apple” is a great destination to experience the transition from one season to another.

New York City is a cool and urban city with a great vibe. I love to hang out in Brooklyn, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Tribeca, West Village and Williamsburg and spend time people watching, eating and drinking and not least shopping. In addition, I also like to go sightseeing and experience the classics that New York City is so famous for. These include going for a walk in Central Park and on the High Line, visiting Ground Zero, going to the top of Rockefeller Center, seeing the Statue of Liberty, visiting Times Square etc.


Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

I visited Victoria Falls in October five years ago, and it was a great time of the year to experience the majestic waterfall. During early autumn it’s dry season hereabouts, which means that the falls are less powerful than in other months. However, the falls release less mist, making it ideal to get some good photos. During the wet season, the mist can make it difficult to see the falls clearly and ruin any chance to photograph it.

Victoria Falls is located on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia and has lately become a large adventure spot with a variety of things to do including bungy-jumping, sky-diving, white water rafting and bathing in Devil’s Pool. However, less adrenaline pumping activities are also to find in the area including sunset cruises, safaris and cultural experiences in Victoria Falls town.

Are you planning on going on a fall getaway and if so, whereabouts are you going?

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